About Me

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Educational Psychologist with a comprehensive practice in Orange, California. I have been practicing in the field for 13 years. I have worked in educational settings, Children and Youth Services, group homes, runaway shelters, Hospice and the Orange County Gay and Lesbian Center as well as in conjunction with many health providers. I see children, teens, adults, couples and families with a wide variety of concerns and issues. I have specializations in the areas of disability, trauma, chronic illness, chronic pain, catastrophic illness and loss, grief, special education, sexuality/gender and alternative family/lifestyle issues.

Additionally, my practice includes a special interest in working with individuals with invisible disabilities, families adjusting to disability, medical issues, the unique concerns facing the LGBTQIA & Alternative Lifestyle communities and individuals involved in the entertainment and creative arts.

I believe that our greatest limitations are often our best indicators of our strengths. They give us a marker of who we are and what we can do as well as provide us with the gift of signaling emotions requesting voice and resolution. I can help you interpret the messages you are receiving and discover how they can be tools in your understanding of yourself. I will guide you through these experiences to see that every limitation, whether internally created or environmentally imposed, can be reconfigured to become the roadmap towards emotional relief and a deeper knowledge of your emotional patterns.